Sunday Service Restrictions Update

Since September 2020 places of worship have been able to regather under various Covid levels and restrictions.  The Welsh Government has given guidelines as to what we can and cannot do throughout this time.  However, many of you will be aware that on the 7th August 2021 the Welsh Government moved us from Alert Level 1 to Alert Level 0 and has lifted many of its COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. As we have all experienced the pandemic in different ways, some people will feel relieved and thankful that restrictions have been lifted and others will feel a bit anxious at what lies ahead.

In Wales, decisions regarding restrictions are moving away from legal government requirements towards individuals taking their own responsibility. Charities, businesses and organisations are responsible for developing their own sensible practices. However, the fact remains that COVID-19 has not gone away and many are still catching the virus.  The vaccination has been given extensively in the UK but not everyone has been vaccinated or wants to be vaccinated, and so there are still real risks of becoming sick.


In response to the lifting of these restrictions and in accordance with Government & Assemblies of God guidelines, Liberty Church has some new arrangements that will come into effect from Sunday 5th September. These arrangements will be constantly reviewed as we move forward, as we endeavour to keep a wise balance between safety and freedom.


We will now have two Sunday services at 10:30am & 4:00pm. The morning service will be live streamed but the afternoon one will not. This Sunday (5th September) we will not have Kids Ministry but we do want to add this in the weeks ahead and will inform you in the upcoming weeks.  The services will be shorter than our pre-covid services and we are aiming for between 1hr 15mins to 1hr 30 mins. The school car park will be open for both services.


There is no more need for booking in – you can just turn up for either of the services. There will be a QR Code for you to scan for track and trace.


When you arrive you will be offered a blue social distance sticker. We are family, and it is so important that everyone feels comfortable. If you feel like you need extra space for any reason; i.e. you are vulnerable, not vaccinated or just finding your way among people again, please consider taking and wearing one to help communicate this with others.

You can go ahead and shake hands or hug with others but only if you ask the other person’s permission first. Let’s look out for each other!


Please ensure that you sanitise your hands as you arrive and leave. There are hand sanitisers throughout the building.


Liberty Church currently has a seating capacity of 60, this is a temporary measure based on fire regulations whilst our front doors are out of action. Unfortunately, if that capacity is reached at either service we won’t be able to facilitate more people, so be sure to arrive in plenty of time.

You are now free to choose your own seating, however, please be sensitive to those around you as some may want to maintain a small distance. If you would prefer a space between you & the next person—please place an item on that seat such as a bag, bible or jacket. 

The distance between the rows will be reduced to 1 metre. However, there will be an area at the rear of the building where seating will be available at a 2 metre distance. Please leave this area for those who need it.


Please wear a face covering inside the building at all times unless you have a specific medical exemption from doing so.



Restrictions on social distancing have been lifted, so we are free to mingle—please feel free to move around the room and greet one another but again, please be sensitive to others who may not feel comfortable with ‘up close’ connections – watch out for the blue sticker!



We will not have tea & coffee this Sunday (5th September) but we are hoping to have refreshments at the end of the service very soon.  After the service, time will be given for people to leave safely who don’t feel quite ready to stay and socialise. You may socialise in the building with your mask on, or outside without a mask. After 30 minutes everyone will be asked to move outside so our cleaning team can come in and prepare for the next service.



We will maintain a one way system for entering and exiting the hall. This is to avoid congestion around the toilets. Please be mindful to give people space if you are waiting to use the toilets. A steward will be stationed in the corridor to help facilitate entry and exit in a safe way.



Every effort will be made to keep our hall well-ventilated, and the door will be kept open before, during & after the meetings.



Our team will continue to clean the building, sanitizing the seats, wiping down touch-points throughout the building and cleaning toilets between services.


You will be assured to know that all of our worship team and those taking part in the service will all have taken the LFT to check they are covid free.  This is for your safety and peace of mind.



We will have an offering basket on the way out for those who want to give via cash or cheques. Cheques should be made out to Liberty Church Swansea.

Where possible, online giving is the safest way to give:

Bank – Lloyds Bank               Account Name: Liberty Church Swansea

Sort code: 30-98-85             Account No:  35010060



We will continue to have individual communion cups with contained wafer until further notice



We will not be behaving differently towards you if you have been vaccinated or if you have not. There will be no requirement for any kind of vaccination passport system or proof of having been vaccinated to come to the meetings.



If you are not feeling well, and especially if you have COVID symptoms, please don’t come to church! Stay away until you have had a chance to take a PCR test via a local test centre to confirm you are clear of COVID.

We are excited to start this new season at Liberty Church and we know there is a lot of rebuilding and re-envisioning ahead.  We welcome you to Liberty Church and pray you have a wonderful time at our services and that you feel the presence of God above everything else. If you want to be part of our Be-Groups – small groups that meet, fellowship and support each other – please let us know. 

If you have any questions or queries please contact us by email on or visit our website and social media pages.  Please feel free to get in contact with me or any of the leaders with any questions you may have.


Every blessing! As one!

Pastor Mark Ritchie