Creativity #4 – Finding God in the Craft

I remember sitting with one of my fellow students in North Carolina. I can’t exactly remember where we were sitting, but I was probably drinking Jasmine tea.  At our school, “the 18 inch journey”, our leaders had a high value for creative expression. Art classes were mandatory for everyone (pro tip: if you want to …

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Creativity #3 – The Fun of Failure

Jesus wasn’t afraid of being ‘in process’. I once heard a preacher retelling the story of Jesus praying twice for the blind man in Mark 8 and joking: “if Jesus gets to take 2 tries at praying for healing, then I should get at least a dozen!” The good news of the gospel is that we know how the story ends! Jesus always has the final victory. When nothing happened, Jesus prayed again. When His friend Lazurus died, Jesus resurrected him. Yes Jesus went to the cross, but the grave couldn’t hold Him. Onlookers might look at the middle of the story and call it a failure: “Jesus messed up.” But, the truth is that with God a ‘failure’ is a victory in progress.