Jack Mcleay

Hi, I'm Jack and I'm the Media Leader at Liberty. I believe that God is kind at every turn, and there is always time for a book. I love to write, take photos and my love language is sarcasm. Let's be friends!

You Abide

Worship and Spontaneous Spoken Word by Dave Mcleay, Live at our Evening Service. “Rest in HimIt’s been a busy season,a hectic Christmas;We get to abide in Him.“ “You abide…” We’ve just been flung from the busyness of the christmas period into the uncertainty of new covid restrictions and a looming lockdown. The phrase “out of …

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I’ve lived in a lot of places. I was born in Australia, lived in China, Scotland; now in Wales. I’ve called a lot of places home but growing up I oftened struggled with ‘belonging’; not just in a typical-dorky-lost-teen kinda way but in a more practical sense. I felt like I didn’t have a very …

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Loud and Clear

Yesterday I ran our first training day for people learning how to use our sound system. I walked people through everything I could think of from how to turn everything on to ‘mixing’ the band. Mixing is where the sound engineer decides how loud everything should be, tweaks the sound of each voice and instrument …

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Glory Hunting

This morning my heart is burning. I’ve been preparing to brief the media team before our worship livestream later today and I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that we get to pursue the Father’s heart tonight. Tonight we go glory hunting. There’s a balancing act that I’m learning as we build up the team, between excellence …

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Creativity #4 – Finding God in the Craft

I remember sitting with one of my fellow students in North Carolina. I can’t exactly remember where we were sitting, but I was probably drinking Jasmine tea.  At our school, “the 18 inch journey”, our leaders had a high value for creative expression. Art classes were mandatory for everyone (pro tip: if you want to …

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Creativity #3 – The Fun of Failure

Jesus wasn’t afraid of being ‘in process’. I once heard a preacher retelling the story of Jesus praying twice for the blind man in Mark 8 and joking: “if Jesus gets to take 2 tries at praying for healing, then I should get at least a dozen!” The good news of the gospel is that we know how the story ends! Jesus always has the final victory. When nothing happened, Jesus prayed again. When His friend Lazurus died, Jesus resurrected him. Yes Jesus went to the cross, but the grave couldn’t hold Him. Onlookers might look at the middle of the story and call it a failure: “Jesus messed up.” But, the truth is that with God a ‘failure’ is a victory in progress.