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If I look back into the memories of childhood, of a 2 roomed, country, village school playground, I can still clearly see the girls playing the ‘skipping rope game’, so popular in the early 1950’s…. their dexterous movements, as they jump in and and out, individually and together… So skillful!  What I also remember very clearly, is the chanting of one of the songs when they did this. ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’. 

At the tender age of 6, I recall thinking that those words were not true. I reasoned that sticks and stones may cause damage to the outside of us, and that those wounds would heal. But, the pain caused by people’s hurtful words, seemed never to go away. It was to be many, many years later, before I started to understand the ‘why’ of what I sadly knew to be true already, as a 6 year old.

So often words spoken to us, about us or over us, especially in our formative and growing up years, are thought to be ‘truth’, because an ‘adult’ is saying them. The problem is, those words are often lies, not truth, coming from their own insecurity, challenges, hurts or limitations, frustrations or anger, or just because that’s what they grew up with, and they don’t know how to do any better. 

We however, not knowing this then, perceive it as truth, and believe the lies we are hearing… which then take up their positions of residence, in our minds, wills and emotions and there they stay, until challenged. 

So we may grow up, believing that we are a ‘waste of space’, ‘fat and ugly’, ‘never going to amount to anything’, ‘useful’ but not loved, no matter how hard we try and so on. What lies did you grow up believing? 

So how is it, that ‘mere’ ‘Words’, can exert so much power on and in our lives? Well, the Amazing fact is, that God created all humankind, in His Image!(Genesis 1:27) 

It’s obvious that this does not mean we all look physically like Him!! However He gave us the ability to speak, as He does. When He spoke, the world came into being, and everything in it and on it! His Words had power- in fact were and are, containers of power, and so therefore are ours! 

When we speak, we can do things with our words and tones too. We can build someone up, encourage, make a difference for good in someone’s life. Or…… we can use them to tear people apart, make them feel like they belong in the gutter, or they are not good enough, clever enough, pretty enough, devious enough…. whatever it may be, so they withdraw, become depressed, anxious and very mixed up about who  they are. We all want to ‘belong’ and some will go to extreme lengths to get others to accept them and take back their words. 

The damage caused by words, enters our ears with them, and penetrates to the core of our being – our spiritual heart deep within us, and the effects of those spoken words can last a lifetime. 

The Good News though….. is that through forgiveness and healing in your spiritual heart (your soul), through Jesus Christ, you can be set free from the pain and bondage, the limitations and damage, other people’s words have caused in your life!!!! 

John 14:6, says, ‘He is the way, the truth and the life’, and John 8:32- ‘If we know the truth, it will set us free’. He will set us free, replace the lies spoken with His truth, and enable us to know who we are, and live a Life of fulfilment and Joy …. If we ask Him to. I did…. and He made me a whole person again, taking away years of pain and misery; replacing them with His peace and so much more! 

If this resonates with your heart as you read it , in any way, please don’t ignore it- reach out to our ministry team, or just sit with God by yourself. Ask Him to forgive those who have hurt you. Then ask Him to come and heal the pain you have carried from others words and their effects on you. God is in the business of setting us free to be all He intended us to be when He created us. Don’t delay anymore.

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