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Bring Me Sunshine

Most of Bring me Sunshine comes from my journal, thoughts and reflections from June 2021 while in lockdown, now I don’t know about how it was for you, but for me, well apart from the heartache of not being able to cuddle my daughter and my grandsons, I was enjoying the solitude. Let me set …

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You Abide

Worship and Spontaneous Spoken Word by Dave Mcleay, Live at our Evening Service. “Rest in HimIt’s been a busy season,a hectic Christmas;We get to abide in Him.“ “You abide…” We’ve just been flung from the busyness of the christmas period into the uncertainty of new covid restrictions and a looming lockdown. The phrase “out of …

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I’ve lived in a lot of places. I was born in Australia, lived in China, Scotland; now in Wales. I’ve called a lot of places home but growing up I oftened struggled with ‘belonging’; not just in a typical-dorky-lost-teen kinda way but in a more practical sense. I felt like I didn’t have a very …

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Loud and Clear

Yesterday I ran our first training day for people learning how to use our sound system. I walked people through everything I could think of from how to turn everything on to ‘mixing’ the band. Mixing is where the sound engineer decides how loud everything should be, tweaks the sound of each voice and instrument …

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