You Abide

Worship and Spontaneous Spoken Word by Dave Mcleay, Live at our Evening Service.

“Rest in Him
It’s been a busy season,
a hectic Christmas;
We get to abide in Him.

You abide…”

We’ve just been flung from the busyness of the christmas period into the uncertainty of new covid restrictions and a looming lockdown. The phrase “out of the frying pan and into the fire” comes to mind.” Rest seems to be the furthest thing from our reality… And yet, God is speaking to our community through profoundly intimate worship moments and awakening us to the reality that God doesn’t rush… He abides.

“Your mercies are new every day…”

“Jesus we love You,
We love You Lord

You abide…”

If I felt like every day that I faced was a fresh start I might feel pressure to perform, to achieve something meanigful before the next day came and I had to start all over again. I once heard a preacher called Graham Cooke say: “His mercies are new every morning and we are sustained by that mercy. You don’t realise that you’re actually a new creation every morning. That’s what He’s like…” Maybe this newness that the Father offers isn’t a ticking clock, another looming deadline, mabye it’s an attempt by the Father to woo us into rest, to abide with, and in, who He is?

“Even in the shadow my soul will find rest…”

Covid feels an awful lot to me like a looming shadow. A haze the enemy is casting over the vision I’ve got for the year ahead. I’m stood at the dawn of a new year and I can almost hear the smile in Doubt’s voice: “How about now? Will you dare to dream with God now? When you’re flying blind, in the face of uncertainty, can you believe God to give you vision..?”

“Your presence Lord
How we love Your presence Lord..

“Under the shadow of Your wings…”

In the beginning of 2022, I’ve found a sure thing. A bedrock to build my dreams for the year on. Like Pete Grieg once wrote on the wall of a prayer room, the first in the global, 24/7 prayer movement, “Jesus is the vision.” What better way to start the year than to step away from the busyness, to switch all the noise to silent, and sit with the king. In the midst of the uncertainty and doubt I want to choose to sit with the King who feasts in the presence of my enemies… who inspires prophecy in the middle of a pandemic.

“Some of you need to sing that from Your heart,
Find the courage to let go,
put it all in His hands..
Thank You Father…”

“My soul finds rest.”

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