Those who hear Me Singing

I saw myself among a large number of Christians. We were all worshiping; all of us were singing in the spirit. I was not aware that there was a music team playing any instruments.

The sense of the presence of God was overwhelming, almost tangible, as was the sense of His awesome goodness and infinite love. There aren’t words that could actually describe it. It felt like a weight, but without the constraint of cumbersomeness.

Then, I saw from a different perspective. The multitude were all singing in a beautiful harmony, yet each was expressing something unique. While everyone was singing, waves of ‘worship’ washed over the assembly. Groups of people would sing in a slightly different way, at a slightly different volume, yet completely in harmony with the whole. The waves washed backwards and forwards, swirling in a completely carefree way.

I became aware that the groups of people singing made up shapes as if the ‘liquid worship’ was being used to paint pictures within the whole. Groups formed and dissolved, unaware of themselves, completely enthralled by the presence of God. In fact, it seemed as though the whole assembly were swimming in an ocean of worship and presence; a sea of holy communion with a vast and loving Father. I asked ‘is this what heaven sounds like?’. His voice said ‘Yes’.

Angels started singing amongst the people. ‘What is this?’ I asked. The Lord said; “This is is Me singing my song. As hearts align to My voice I sing through their worship and paint pictures with their hearts”. I was so far beyond having words to do this scene justice so I am sorry if I don’t portray it properly. He continued, “this is what my glory sounds like: the sound of My presence. This is is where I have always wanted my people to be. Those who lead my people into it will be those who hear my song in their heart and soul.” And He emphasised: “Who hear Me singing.”

Worship in His presence has so many more dimensions and meanings which I have been oblivious to. My heart aches to be there again, as though this worship is reality, and somehow where I am living isn’t. I have tears in my eyes as I write this down. I know that there is an ache in me that only this place will satisfy. Five minutes in this place of worship would make my whole life worth living. Bless God, now and for ever and ever.

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