And the Rest is History..

It’s late. My Dad and I have sunk, drowsy-happy, into opposing couches and midnight conversation. Words mingle, mid-air, with homespun smells; pot plants and worn leather. We talk about the developing media team, what church will look like when services resume and what God is doing in our church in this season.

I bring up the blog; “I’d love if you could give me some writing prompts for the blog? What topic do you feel like God is highlighting right now that I could write about?” My heart for this section of our website is for it to serve as the Father’s digital mouthpiece. I picture writers, photographers and creatives trumpeting the goodness of God from the virtual street corner of the online world.
“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”

He throws out a couple ideas but comes back to; “I’ve been speaking in our kids segments recently about rest. We have access to so much victory, just by finding rest in the Father.” I like that word victory. When we choose to root ourselves in the secret place, in rest with Papa, then we are more than just safe; we are victorious. There is nothing the enemy can do.

Church, we serve a God who prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies (Psalm 23:5). Psalm 23 is such a beautiful expression of connection and victory through rest with the Father, and I love it. David finds strength and direction from a place of rest; courage and comfort from the Lord’s closeness; and honour and blessing from a place of communion. All this fruit, even in the darkest valley? That’s the incredible power of rest! Communion and rest aren’t just our point of connection, they are our battle strategy.

As the evening starts to tick into morning, Dad and I sink deeper together into relationship, rest, and a pile of cushions. He says: “this is how we fight our battles.”

4 thoughts on “And the Rest is History..”

  1. Stephen & Georgina Powell

    Love it Jack, what a great idea to start this blog. Georgina and I will certainly be “blogging on”, I’m sure this isn’t the right term, but at our age we can look silly and not worry.
    We Love what the McLeay Family do, you are Ammmmazing!

  2. Stephen & Georgina Powell

    Prayer Times – For those that don’t join us I want to encourage you to give it a go, I log into the Tuesday (6:30am) prayer time and it’s sooo good. Please join us and feel God’s presence.
    Bless this Amazing Church & our Wonderful Sisters and Brothers. X

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